The three biggest higher education controversies away from 2021
The three biggest higher education controversies away from 2021
The three biggest higher education controversies away from 2021

Higher education isn’t a stranger to help you scandals and you may controversies, and you can 2021 are no exception. Though some scandals out of early in the day decades reached the inescapable findings, the fresh new COVID-19 pandemic—or constant pandemic, as we go into the third year—powered a swath out-of litigation within universities around the country. What’s alot more, people together with took for the picket lines in the certain colleges, demanding ideal medication (and you may larger paychecks).

This new “Varsity Blues” fall out

Sadly, the brand new “Varsity Blues” scandal lacked Jon Voight, James Van Der Beek, otherwise Scott Caan stealing an authorities automobile. But the college or university admissions scandal—and therefore in the first place generated statements into 2019, entangling specific famous people or other big names—efficiently covered right up inside 2021 having bad pleas, guilty verdicts, and you can sentences getting doled out.

To recap, Operation Varsity Blues (just like the called of the government detectives) inside it an unlawful conspiracy to track down people added to several of the market leading universities, like the School away from Southern area California, the brand new School away from Colorado, and you may Yale University, possibly in place of students’ training. Test scores have been altered. Studying disabilities were conjured up in order to get access to more renting. Some people was indeed actually photoshopped for the activities teams—exhibiting them participating in sporting events which they never ever in reality played.

It’s an extended, detailed story. However, as of the termination of 2021, all the dust provides settled, that have all those parents are accused, along with university educators and you may athletic directors, and the ringleader of the whole situation, William Rick Musician.

“Money and you will relationships are at the center of this new Varsity Organization Scandal. What generated so it scheme more try one Rick Musician used the sport service to-be the primary vehicles from ent, alumni, or admissions place of work actually,” claims Sara Harberson, a college admissions professional, previous dean out-of admissions during the Franklin & Marshall School, in addition to founder off App Country, a personal, subscription-built Myspace class designed to help moms and dads browse the fresh admissions techniques. “Interestingly, mom and dad paid off Singer just a portion of what can feel expected from a school to get a weaker beginner accepted.”В

Due to the fact dirt can be paying regarding the Varsity Blues scandal, Harberson claims such schemes—those that encompass sleeping otherwise cheat to get students on their wished school—are still popular. And if someone would be to fault, it’s men and women who work when you look at the admissions workplaces, to which it would was “blatantly obvious” one “things have been perhaps not adding up inside the a student’s application,” she states.В В

“It nonetheless feels as though 1952 for the school admissions. Whom you learn, the person you repay, and you will who you are are strong tools your wealthy and you may linked household use consciously and you can efficiently.”В

Columbia University’s beginner-staff member struck

From the one point within the 2021, the greatest strike in the usa is unfolding for the university off Columbia College or university during the New york city. About step 3,100 pupil-specialists, generally scholar pupils, went on struck at the beginning of November in response so you're able to what the Scholar Professionals away from Columbia (an excellent Joined Vehicle Gurus Regional 2110 partnership) claims is actually unjust work practices.В

Johannah Queen-Slutzky, a great Ph.D. student inside Columbia’s agency regarding English and you can relative literature, claims one she and others took towards picket line to help you secure large wages, way more positives, next recognition from college student commitment participants, and you can transform to help you Columbia’s system to own investigating says out of discrimination and you can harassment. All informed, she claims, the brand new dispute has been lingering in certain form or some other since 2014.

“Columbia had a record-cracking 12 months having earnings, and they have been seeking to touch pennies,” King-Slutzky says, citing the new university’s latest yearly report. “Columbia is one of the wealthiest colleges in the united kingdom. They charge the best university fees in the country, and you may even with the amazing riches, it’s extracting around it does from the people and you can graduate students.”

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